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Grosmann Xtreme NT
Yep… the name sais it all. Extreme tone, extreme playability and , of course, an extremely beautiful instrument. The bass features neck-trough construction, using the most exotic of tonewoods: while the body wings are made of gorgeous zebrano wood, the neck is comprised of laminated wenge, yelding that low midrange growl whics cuts through any mix and has made this wood famous. The standard pickup combination consists of a passive MEC J/MM combo, coupled with the MEC 2 band EQ. The humbucker can also be split, thus offering even more tonal options. Subtle lows, punchy midrange and cristal clear highs, this bas them all. And judging by the numerous tone shaping by the numerous tone shaping options, it will fit almost anywhere. A modern day bass for the modern day bassist, it’s time to order yours!
Grosmann Yuka
Our singlecut bass design, built to meet the expectation s of the most discriminating off bass players. Featuring an ergonomically shaped bubinga pomelle body, coupled with 5 piece wengw/maple neck which privides great punch and low midrange growl. And to get the most out of the instrument, we equipped the Yuka with premium Bartolini pickups and electronics. Standard features also include premium black Schaller hardware and natural oil finish. A versatile instrument that will fit about any musical context, the Grosmann Yuka is a bass to be considered.
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Christmas raffle

Today I open a Christmas raffle. Prize will be a guitar Grosmann Fly 8. It will be on sale raffle tickets worth $ 25 USD. Those interested can buy as many tickets they want, all tickets will go into extracting that he had held on December 22-2014.
The winner will receive this guitar for Christmas
I need to know if there eager for this raffle. forward your views




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