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Grosmann The Edge Terry Butler
Nov 10, 2014
After touring and recording for almost 30 years I can say without a doubt that Grosmann Guitars are the best I've played. The tone I get from my Grosmann EDGE is deadly. It cuts through but still has plenty of bottom end. The basses are solid and can take a beating from the road. Every bass is custom built with care and precision. If your serious about playing you need this bass!!!
Andreas Lagios
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Christmas raffle

Today I open a Christmas raffle. Prize will be a guitar Grosmann Fly 8. It will be on sale raffle tickets worth $ 25 USD. Those interested can buy as many tickets they want, all tickets will go into extracting that he had held on December 22-2014.
The winner will receive this guitar for Christmas
I need to know if there eager for this raffle. forward your views




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